Welcome to Blossom Foundation. An organisation dedicated to shaping the next generation of women leaders through empowerment seminars, workshops, 1-2-1 mentorship programmes and development of life skills programmes. Since 2013, BLOSSOM! has been supporting the African BME teenage girls and young adult from ages 10-19.

Blossom Foundation
Blossom Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world by equipping young girls with the right set of tools that will enable them to be the best they can be in all life aspects be it Social, Physical, Emotional, and Economic wellbeing.


  • To educate girls and young women through workshops and Seminars. 
  • To raise awareness on issues that affect young girls like mental health, bullying, self-image, peer pressure and much more. 
  • To provide a voice through social media platforms and radio talk show for girls to share stories and learn from other people’s experiences. 
  • To create a link between young girls and statutory service provides. 
  • Support and sign posting victims of domestic and mordern day slavery.
  • To create inter-generational dialogue for smooth family and community cohesion. 
  • Culturally sensitive counselling, coaching and dynamic mentoring services. 
  • To provide leisure and away reflective days and camps for young people.

Our works

  •  Seminars  
  •  Workshops
  •  1-2-1 mentoring programme 
  •  Camp Sessions . 
  •  DBT Therapy counselling services.

Blossom Benefits

Developing leaders

Blossom has been committed to enriching girls through leadership and excellence. With peer pressure at its max, we raise a generation of young girls who can emerge and leader

Positive self mirror

Our ‘positive self mirror initiative’ create opportunities for the various communities supported by the charity to work together in collaboration with others.


Low self-esteem often begins in childhood and reinforces a young person’s underlying doubts and fears, making some young people more prone to negative thinking as they grow older.

Skills and capacity

We develop the skills and capacity of teenage members of socially disadvantaged communities, in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs.