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Making a Difference, One Heart at a Time

Who we are?

Our Values

We believe in active listening, respecting every child regardless of their age, avoiding judgment, and ensuring equal opportunities.


What we do?

Our Vision

Our vision at Blossom Foundation is to be the one-stop shop for every black girl in Greater Manchester, irrespective of whether she is new to the city or has lived in the city all her life.

How do we work?

Our Approach

We help black African girls aged 10-20 living in Greater Manchester by identifying and addressing any issues that might impact their overall well-being. This includes social, physical, emotional, and economic aspects of their lives, and we work to support them in achieving their full potential.

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Our Objectives

  1. To educate girls and young women through one-to-one sessions and coaching.  

  2. To raise awareness on issues that affect young girls, like mental health, bullying, self-image, and peer pressure.

  3. To provide a voice through social media platforms and podcasts for girls to share stories and learn from other people’s experiences.

  4. To create a link between young girls and statutory service provision.

  5. To create intergenerational dialogue for smooth family and community cohesion

  6. Culturally sensitive counselling, coaching and mentoring services.

  7. To provide leisure and away reflective days and camps for young people.

  8. To develop Life skills and improve self-confidence.


We believe that every girl and young woman has the power within herself to blossom, to reach her full potential and to change the world.

Meet the Team

At Blossom Foundation, we believe in the power of a team to bring about change. Our team is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to making a difference in our community. Learn more about the amazing people behind the Blossom Foundation by exploring below!


Ms Ruth Ogunji

Founder, CEO

  • LinkedIn

I am a Youth Leader and a mother, and I love TikTok, but I am still working my way around it. I love food photography and cooking, so I cook and look forward to taking photos. I have worked with young people for over seven years, and daily, I see the reasons why I love working with young people. I am a writer and I love to coach and mentor young people. I am all for Netflix, so I enjoy watching a movie or two and can act out a scene; you must catch me on the big screen someday.


Mrs Bola Adewusi

Chair Person

  • LinkedIn

I am a teacher and a Mental Health professional. I have worked with young people for almost 20 years and have loved it. Having worked with young people for such a long time and being a mother myself, I have been able to relate with them in various capacities, including mentoring, teaching, and counselling. I love to travel and have been to many European countries. I have plans to explore the wider world and have countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, etc., on my bucket list. I enjoy reading, taking advantage of new opportunities and starting new projects and adventures. I believe in having a good time and laughing while doing it all. 


Mrs Omotunde Oni


  • LinkedIn

A parent and educator with over 20 years of experience in early years education. Through coaching and mentorship, young people can achieve their full potential. I love travelling, cooking, and hiking through the countryside. I love finding new ways of doing things and trying to see the funny side of things. I am genuinely passionate about young people; I would love to make a difference. I look forward to supporting young girls through the Blossom Foundation.


Mrs Oluwatoyin Bangudu


  • LinkedIn

I enjoy working with children and have many lovely memories with them; I have been a registered childminder for the last 14 years and serve as a Sunday school leader. I enjoy travelling and reading and have an interest in interior design.


Mrs Irantiola O Adeosun


  • LinkedIn

I am a Youth leader; I have a passion for the Kingdom of God and love doing God’s work. I have a strong passion for cooking, spending time with my children, cracking jokes, and researching (I love learning new things). I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse with 18 years of experience in the field. I am also a trained psychotherapist trained in DBT. I love adventures, and I love teaching and making a difference in the lives of those around me. I love to nurture, mentor and watch girls grow to become independent women and have been doing this for many years.

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