Our last activity for 2021 took place on Saturday 9th October with a followup session on Saturday 13th November.

Blossom took part in two creative sessions in support of Black History Month. In the first session we were tasked on making collage boards celebrating black peoples and Africa. During the session we were provided with various tools to help develop our creations e.g. magazines to cut out some pictures , coloring pens and pencils to aid our drawings and assorted prints to help add that extra Blossom charm to our mood boards. We focused on capturing the beauty of our race as it’s important that while we are in a world where black people are constantly overlooked ,mocked and underappreciated, we don’t lose sight of how precious we are and Gods plan for us. Putting together the boards gave us a sense of pride towards our community and better understanding of how special each of us are. It was great to see everyone’s interpretation of Black History and to see it through everyone’s perspective in their artwork.

In the second session , we were at Trinity House and worked on creating designs for a Blossom t shirt / piece of clothing. During the session we learnt how to properly create and market a product, finding out how to assess the target market and what best colours to use to attract that demographic. It was important to know how to do this as in the future as it is very likely most of us will end up presenting ideas and products to a team of people and it was beneficial to learn how to do that properly. Our ideas were then put together for a competition to see whose product would be properly designed and placed upon the Blossom website.

It was a great opportunity for us to contribute back to the Blossom charity after all that we have received from them and to take pride in what Blossom stands for. These two design sessions helped us remember that Blossom is here to empower and teach young ladies about how to live and feel confident in their everyday lives while enjoying our time creating and working together as a charity.

These sessions were supported by Homemcr.org and in collaboration with HerArt