Struggling to be African and British all in one go?

Girl, we totally know how you feel.


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Wow, amazing!!!

My daughter joined in the two weeks August activities.
I can’t believe she could attempt the rock climbing, talk less of climbing that high. She must have received an overdose of motivational pills to get that high because she is usually uninterested and unmotivated about such physical activities.

This would definitely boost her confidence and self-esteem and make her feel better. Thank you, Blossom Foundation.


Blossom Foundation has been a blessing to my daughter because of the vast valuable activities regularly organised by the organiser and her team.

Self-care, confidence, bullying, enterprise, mentorship, to mention a few, are some of the activities organised. My daughter has blossomed so much that her younger sister was looking  forward to joining her and has finally joined her now she is old enough. Thank you so much Ruth and to your team and volunteers for the positive impact you have on our children, God bless you all.

Sonia Mother

Blossom foundation has really transformed my daughter. She is more confident and interactive now.

Before, she used to be very shy, can’t express herself or any issues at home or at school. Now she is bold to speak up and ask questions, makes new friends easily and manage her physical and emotions wellbeing. I am so happy with the way Blossom Foundation supports the young girls. I want to use this opportunity to thank the mentors for the 1:1 sections, it really helped a lot.

Anonymous Parent

As a Mum, I can testify that my daughter has been tremendously supported through Blossom. Her self-confidence has improved and she is now able to help other young girls.

Blossom isn’t only concerned about the girls, they also care about the parents too. Lots of workshops and events are being organised for parents to support them in whatever challenges they encounter in raising their girls. Blossom provides excellent information and support system for both girls and their parents. Through Blossom, minority ethnic groups girls who are disadvantaged, have been adequately supported to boost their mental wellbeing, positive behaviour, good self-esteem and thereby making them better girls in the community.

Funmi Mother

Thanks to Blossom foundation for the mother and daughter’s Intervention where we had the group coaching and DBT sessions.

The group coaching helped me to know and understand my teenage daughter better and it helped my daughter to understand things from my own point of view as well. Blossom foundation is  a great organisation for the BME Girls.

Esther Mother

Our aim at Blossom Foundation is to Educate, Inspire & Empower the BME Black African girls in the age group of 10-20 through their transitional stages of becoming a full-blown adult.

This is so that we can identify issues from an early stage and intervene to make corrections to help them be the best they can be in all life aspects be it social, physical, emotional and economic wellbeing.

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