Blossom is a place for little seeds to… well… blossom!

Blossom is a safe environment for the female teenagers and young adults, it encourages us to face our fears, to grow, to be better in every area of our life. 

We have loads of fun times, we do various projects, learn many skills and eat loads of foods. Our projects are designed by us to help us and one of them is the IN OUR SPACE PROJECT. This project gave us the space to:

Reveal👉🏾 who we are

Dismantle 👉🏾 the challenges we face

Reimagine👉🏾 the changes we want to see

Renew👉🏾 Our new story 

We started the ‘In our Space’ project back in April. We learned many things from the ‘In our Space’ project. We had 10 sessions in total. 3 for the age groups of 10-14; another 3 for the age groups of 15-18 and 2 outdoor combined activity. 

We started the session by revealing who we are, so we talked about our backgrounds and traditions and how we are raised in such a way. I believe that everyone was interested to hear about all the different places we all originated from. We talked about the foods we eat and enjoy, and the traditions we uphold. It gave us a sense of individuality. 

For session 2, we then moved on to talking about the struggles, the challenges we face as black girls. Many things came up, but the major ones we focused on were our uniforms, our hair and stereotypes. Our skirt lengths were a huge problem for us in school, and of course the way we take care of our hair and also how we have to deal with the ways we are been looked at.

For session 3, we began to dismantle the narratives and definitely a LOT of food for thought came up. Solutions were thrown about, and assignments were created. So, we picked out uniforms as the main challenge we want to tackle, breakdown and redesign. 

For our last session, we went back and forth and came back with many different designs for our school skirts.  It may seem as though we are hyping ourselves up or to even draw more attention to us and right so should we but I can say this space allowed us to be ourselves

RENEW: Redesigning Our uniforms to fit our body shapes.
RENEW: Redesigning Our uniforms to fit our body shapes.

Here are some feedbacks from the girls who participated in this project:

“Through this project I learned to be confident in my skin and love who I am. We are all different and we should accept that.” – Esther

“Blossom gave me a safe place for me to be able to talk about how challenging it can be being black in England. I genuinely thought England wasn’t racist, I was oblivious to that fact, but so many events unfolded over the lockdown that brought to light.”– Shalom

“Blossom taught me to be independent, to love yourself always, to use my voice, to achieve more in life and to encourage others.” – Temmy

“I learned to love my skin and that my skin is beautiful.” – Melody

“What I learned from blossom is that it makes you more confident and independent. It helps you to achieve your goals, the teachers help you with what you are going through when you can’t talk to your parents or any other trusted adults. It is a trusted place.” – Tomini

To end it all, we celebrated who we are ‘IN OUR SPACE”

Celebrating who we are IN OUR SPACE

There you have it, as you can see our seeds are growing slowly and we will all soon turn into a generation of strong outstanding women! 🌸

By Eniola