The amazing women behind Blossom Foundation.
Ms Ruth Ogunji

Ms Ruth Ogunji

Founder, CEO

I am a Youth Leader,  a mother and I love ticktock but still working my way around it 😀 I love food photography and cooking, so I cook and look forward to taking photos. I have worked with young people for over 7years, and daily I see the reasons why I love working with young people. I am a writer, and love to coach and mentor young people. Am all for Netflix so I enjoy watching a movie or two and can act out a scene or two 😀, you would have to catch me on the big screen someday 😀.

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Mrs Bola Adewusi

Mrs Bola Adewusi

Chair Person

I am a teacher and a Mental Health professional. I have worked with young people for almost 20 years and I have loved it. Having worked with young people for such a long time and being a mother myself, I have been able to relate with them in a range of capacities including, mentoring, teaching, and counselling. I love to travel and I have been to many countries in Europe. I have plans to explore the wider world and have countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, etc. on my bucket list. I enjoy reading, taking advantage of new opportunities and starting new projects and adventures. I believe in having a good time and a good laugh while doing it all. 

Mrs Omotunde Oni

Mrs Omotunde Oni


A parent and an educator who has over 20 years experience in early years education. I believe through caching and mentorship young people can achieve their full potential. I love travelling, cooking, and hiking through the countryside. I love finding new ways of doing things and I try to see the funny side of things. I have a genuine passion for young people, I would love to make a difference and I look forward to providing support to young girls through the Blossom foundation.

Mrs Oluwatoyin Bangudu

Mrs Oluwatoyin Bangudu


I enjoy working with children and have lots of lovely memories with them; I have been a registered child-minder for the last 14 years and presently serving as a Sunday school leader. I enjoy travelling, reading and have an interest in interior designing.


Mrs Irantiola O Adeosun

Mrs Irantiola O Adeosun

Volunteer Management

I am a Youth leader, I have a passion for the Kingdom of God and love doing God’s work. I have a strong passion for cooking and spending time with my children, cracking jokes and researching (I love learning new things). I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse with 18 years of experience in the field. I am also a trained psychotherapist trained in DBT. I love adventures, I love to teach and make a difference in the lives of those around me. I love to nurture, mentor and watch girls grow to become independent women and have been doing this for many years.


Blossom also relies on a team of volunteers who make our events happen. Watch out on our Instagram and Facebook for some of our team members. If you would like to be a part of the Squad, then get in touch.

Ruth's Story
Living in London in the 90’s with 3 older brothers and with both parents back home in Nigeria, came with its challenges.

I was lucky in the sense that’s I was able to shuttle between houses but then I had minimal supervision and so this meant that I was free to do anything I wanted to do. I came from a generation of children born in the UK, who was transferred back home at some point and then returned to the UK as a teenager.

Aside from struggling with self-esteem issues, feeling confused with who I was and what I was supposed to be doing, I faced other challenges as a result of not having my mother around to guide me and this meant I had to navigate my way around settling down into school, relationship issues, and still, I was expected to be the respectful obedient teenager.

My friend’s reaction geared me up for a fight and I went along taking a weapon with me.

Although I wasn’t an unruly teenager, I was more like any other teenager trying to find their path in life and needed to be protected from making a lot of wrong decisions. I recollect on one occasion; I was out with my friend and she received a call from her younger sister. I could hear her younger sister at the other end of the line crying as she narrated her ordeal. She had been beaten up by girls of another race and her personal belongings had been stolen from her.

Watching my friend’s reaction geared me up for a fight and I went along taking a weapon with me. Things could have gone wrong however it didn’t, but the lessons here is that teenagers will get up to all sorts when there are no rules and when they are not supervised, this is evident in some of the young people we see today. Somehow, I managed to transit from teenage-hood to young adulthood and still struggling to make the right choices.

A lot of women have carried issues from teenage-hood into adulthood.

From my research over the years and from the stories I hear around, including my journey I became aware of the fact that a lot of women have carried issues from teenage-hood into their adulthood and have struggled with reaching their full potential this has then affected the kind of daughters, sisters, wives and mothers that they have become, and so in search of answers BLOSSOM FOUNDATION was born.

Blossom foundation has really transformed my daughter. She is more confident and interactive now. Before, she used to be very shy, and couldn’t express herself with any issues at home or at school.? Now, she is bold to speak up and can ask questions, makes new friends easily and manage her physical and emotions wellbeing. I am so happy with the way Blossom? foundation supports the young girls in our community.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the mentors for the 1-2-1 sessions, it has really helped a lot.

Grace Parent. 'Manchester 2021' 
Grace Parent.   'Manchester 2021'

Blossom has been a source of support for my daughter and our family, during  and after the pandemic. Blossom  has helped our daughter’s self confidence and she has learnt how to be a leader and how to be more organised and to work as part of  a team.

Ola 'Sep 2021' 
Ola 'Sep 2021'

My daughter really enjoyed the support received from Blossom. Regarding her attitude and behaviour to her problem solving around teenage issues, she is more open with her siblings and can get through her issues more independently.

Modupe Parent

Since my sisters have been attending the 1 on 1 sessions, I’ve seen a lot of growth in them. They’re more open about how they feel and have clear ways of communicating that. Before it used to be hard understanding why they were upset about certain situations, but they have come into their own. I’m really grateful for the work that the mentors have put in – my youngest sister used to basically hate talking and would be labelled as shy but now she just can’t wait for her sessions! Thank you so much for your hard work, may God continue to bless this project.

Amanda Parent

Our organisation has worked collaboratively with Blossom foundation on 2 projects and Blossom have provided motivational talks and workshops for young people and parents involved in our organisation. Well done for all the difference that your organisation is making to advance the lives of young people particularly your tailor-made workshops for girls and mothers in our community.

Reflecteen Hub Youth Organisation
Reflecteen Hub


Want a safe place to talk?

Book into one of our workshops, or send us a quick message.


If you would like to book your daughter into a workshop or discuss one on one mentoring then send us your details and we will inform you of our next start date and how to book on.


We are always looking out for #blossomsquad members. Please follow our social media accounts to learn more about us and fill in our volunteer application form and we will get in touch with you.

Our aim at Blossom Foundation is to Educate, Inspire & Empower the BME Black African girls in the age group of 10-20 through their transitional stages of becoming a full-blown adult.

This is so that we can identify issues from an early stage and intervene to make corrections to help them be the best they can be in all life aspects be it social, physical, emotional and economic wellbeing.

UK Registered Charity Number 1177641

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During this season, we won’t be running physical gatherings and mentoring sessions, but we are supporting each other online. Follow us on social to keep updated.